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There are many types of toys. There are children’s toys and adult toys. I believe that many people have their own toys before or now. Toys can relieve the pressure of life, enjoy the mood, and can also improve personal creativity and thinking ability, etc. . Here are some of the more popular toys for you now!

RC cars give people the pleasure of manipulation, because it is the representative of high quality and durability, but most importantly, it brings you unlimited fun! There are many players in RC cars, regardless of age or gender, from beginners to advanced players.

The 1/12 scale Wltoys 12428 RC car is equipped with a powerful four-wheel drive, a powerful 540 brush motor, and more. Let’s take a look at its highlights. The maximum speed can reach 50 km / h, 2.4GHz radio remote control, the remote control distance is about 100m. The 7.4V 1500mAh lithium battery provides a lot of energy, has sufficient climbing ability and driving ability, a variety of speeds can be adjusted, and has good wear resistance and drop resistance.

RC Helicopter mini RC toy for kids. The toy helicopter mainly consists of three parts: The fuselage of an electric helicopter mainly consists of the following components: rechargeable electricity, remote control receiving circuit board, lifting drive, tail lifting drive, frame, lifting rotor, etc.

The remote control, its left side controls the lifting joystick, and its right side controls the direction joystick (the joystick moves forward and backward, and rotates left and right). It also has a direction gyro adjustment button (with a gyroscope) or a rotor torque balance knob, a transmitting antenna or an infrared transmitting tube, and a battery.

The charging adapter mainly charges the battery on the helicopter body. When charging the aircraft, the charging light will turn green, about 2-3 hours, do not charge for a long time, people should be supervised during charging, and the aircraft should be kept away from combustible materials to prevent accidents. Generally, the helicopter can fly continuously for 5-6 minutes after being charged. When the helicopter is difficult to take off, it should be charged immediately to protect the battery. When remotely controlling the RC Helicopter, it is best to do it in an open indoor (space greater than 662.5 meters) or a sunny and windless outdoor. Make sure there are no obstacles or pets and people nearby.

2.4GHz 25Km/h RC Boat Remote Control Boat RC Boat Waterproof Toy Racing Boat Gift for Kids. The bow is designed with a sharp corner shape. This shape design allows the hull to reduce the resistance of the water flow to the ship itself during the sailing process, making the navigation faster and easier. The hull is designed by simulating the shape of water droplets. This design helps to reduce resistance and ensure the speed of the remote-controlled ship. Retreat and reset when the ship capsizes. Don’t worry if the ship capsizes during sailing. One-button automatic reset can effectively solve the situation of hitting rocks or encountering obstacles during sailing. Fully sealed and waterproof design, waterproof cover design, edge device waterproof sponge, with powerful buttons, effectively prevent water from entering the cabin and protect internal components. High-frequency remote control system, 2.4Ghz ship high-frequency wireless system, remote control distance of up to 80 meters, suitable for multiple people to compete together. Equipped with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery with increased capacity, the battery pack can be replaced at any time to achieve unlimited battery life.

The above three kinds of toys are very interesting toys, which are also suitable for people of different ages to play. Dear readers, do you like these toys? Or if you have a better toy, you can leave a message and let us know.

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