2012 Stylish Women Blazer Arrived On TOMTOP


When open the wardrobe of  a woman, the blazer is one of the clothing there that can work with anything from blouse to a T-shirt. In short, the possibilities are endless. We all have at least one and if we don’t, we definitely should and must own it. The blazer is one of those clothing items that will never go out of style, but it changes in shape and ever so often there is a new trendy type of blazer! 2012 Blazer below are stylish and elegant which is very comfortable to wear, and also suitable for wearing at work and at leisure time.


A suitable blazer can create a completely new silhouette for your body even if you’ve been skipping the gym. Whether it’s love handles, a spare tire or flabby forearms, the clean lines of a blazer will instantly lean you out. If you are required to dress ‘business’ as office ladies are, these fashion blazers are the perfect choice, in order to look the part and still remain modern and stylish. These short, fitted blazers are something every woman, no matter what age or size, needs to have in the closet. A fitted blazer that goes to or beyond the hips still looks great on anyone, no matter how much the waistline matches the hips. A non-fitted and loose jacket at the hips with tight jeans underneath can work too. When wearing a blazer should it fit to the waist cause I’ve seen some girls that wear the blazer higher then the waist.

women jacket

I wear blazers very often and have several in my wardrobe of different colors, white, black, gray,etc. I think modern blazers that ends at the hips seems to better. I don’t like the short blazers, they look frumpy and stiff. I have never worn one, but now looking for one that fits my body type to try them out, I got recently interested in fashion styles, simple but comfortable to wear. A white blazer would go really well instead of the ordinary black and gray. I have a long blazer,which looks like a boyfriend blazer, and I’m 168cm. Long blazers match well with a pair of skinny jeans or a short skirt. Just avoid something bulky on the bottom and you’ll be fine.

women blazer

Some people prefer longer jackets because they create a longer visual line for the body. The cropped jackets tend to look silly. The older a woman is the more she will want to cover up the belly and the backside. Why not cover up that which is the least attractive part of the body? If you’re tired of wearing blazers to work every day, switch it out with a stylish leopard hoodie. Comfy hoodie coat will keep you warm as well as stylish throughout the season.




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