Why You Need A Tablet PC


Laptops and netbooks aren’t dead, yet. These guys, especially laptops, give you the power and platform to actually get on with work and multitask numerous memory-hungry programs whilst on the move. But to say that if you had a laptop or netbook so you’d never need a tablet PC would be wide of the mark these days! Tablet PCs are ideal for today’s internet-driven world where our lives are increasingly arranged online. They are the ideal portal to on-the-move web browsing, email checking and social media status updating.

Tablet PCs

Size – Tablets are smaller than netbooks and laptops, but larger than smartphones. Therefore they occupy an area which makes them very portable, yet with large enough screens to watch videos and browse the web without risking eyestrain. They typically feature screens from 5″ up to the iPad’s beefy 9.7″. Personally I’ve always been a critic of the iPad’s size as it’s my personal belief that it’s a little unwieldy and too ‘square’ to put in your bag or handbag. I feel a 7″ screen is the best all-round solution due to their ‘handy’ size.

Power – Though not as powerful as a laptop, Tablet PCs are approaching the power of netbooks and in some cases surpassing them! This means that they have more than enough grunt to deal with movies, TV, music, eBooks and surfing the net without being as power-hungry as laptop PCs.

Style – Lets face it, we don’t only buy gadgets for their functionality anymore. The ‘wow factor’ is also important and, believe me, there’s no hotter gadget than an Android tablet today! I think there’s something quite seductive about holding such a substantial, solid slate and swishing through your apps and videos with just the flick of your wrist…

The cool thing is that it’s big enough for you to pull out and ‘share’ with friends too. Hence your tablet pc will draw attention to you and could make you more popular with the opposite sex! Better start practicing your chat up lines now guys…

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