Statement of Order BUG On 17th Jan 2018


Economic Loss Is Measurable, But Consumer Trust and Support For Tomtop Is Invaluable !!
Dear customers, did you notice the”Surprise” on 17th Jan 2018?
There is a promotion on “Buy One Get One Free” on TOMTOP. As a bug happened to our website, some people only spend little money to get Feisty pets for free. More than 10000+ customers came cross the “Surprise” and we have also suffered a huge loss of money.
Many customers ask whether we will dispatch these orders or not.

Our answer is: TOMTOP will ship all the orders as soon as possible !!!!!!!!

Yes, we do lose a lot of money in this accident, but TOMTOP has been making efforts to be a #trustworthy seller#.We respect and love our customers all the time. Without your support, we would not have been able to achieve so much. Facing the vast number of users and friends have long been the trust and support to TOMTOP, We would rather pay a hefty price than to disappoint anyone who ordered from Tomtop.
Thanks for your support for a long time.We will do our best to enhance our user experience in the future! Hope you can continue to support us!

The promotion is still in progress now.Check here for “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”:

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