Benefits of Riding A Folding Electric Scooter


The control method of folding electric scooter is the same as that of traditional electric bicycles. It is easy to be learned by the driver. It is equipped with a detachable and foldable seat. Compared with traditional electric bicycles, the structure is simpler, the wheels are smaller, the wheels are lighter and more convenient, and it can save a lot of social resources. In recent years, the rapid development of folding electric scooter of lithium batteries has spawned new demands and trends.

After being folded, the electric scooter is easy to carry, relatively safe and fast. Moreover, the cost of learning is very low. In this way, folding electric scooter becomes a better transportation tool for work and leisure.

EYU E9SM is a folding electric scooter that is much lighter than a heavy bicycle. Its overall design is very simple, but it has complete functions.

The following are its outstanding features:

The smart instrument display is clear, power display, 3-speed transmission, front lighting headlights, driving speed, and data can be clearly displayed.

The height of the hand grip of the folding electric scooter is adjustable, with three gears adjustable, and the heights are high, medium and short.

Using 21700 high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, it has the advantages of large energy density, long cycle life, and high safety performance.

Powerful brushless motor, strong power, breaking through terrain restrictions, easily coping with the ability to pass off-road on slopes.

It weighs only 7.8kg, is small in size and does not take up space. There are parking lots everywhere. It can be easily folded and can be placed in the trunk of a car for easy carrying.

The front bright illuminating car lights can illuminate the road ahead no matter how dark the night is, allowing you to ride fearlessly at night.

The high-decibel speaker is safe to travel, and the speaker volume is as high as 70 decibels, which is enough to serve as a warning.

Safe to use, non-zero start mode, the first manual assisted sliding, and then electric acceleration to avoid the need for the center of gravity caused by the sudden acceleration of the scooter.

The tires are of good quality, widened and thickened. The size of the tires is large enough and it is very flexible to control. It has an 8-inch front wheel and a 6.5-inch rear wheel. The front wheel is a shock-absorbing pneumatic tire, and the rear wheel is an explosion-proof solid tire. The front wheels are relatively large, and the large tires have good passability. When encountering uneven roads, you can easily ride over and make it safer.

The skateboard folding electric scooter has the characteristics of anti-cracking, anti-deformation, high-cold resistance, and very abrasion resistance. It strengthens the aluminum alloy bracket and base, which is not easy to break, and the surface of the skateboard is printed with various beautiful patterns. The skateboard can move forward by twisting the body reliably. It does not need to push and slide with the feet. It can do various fancy changes. The waist-twisting exercise can achieve a significant weight loss effect and can enhance the personal balance ability of entertainment and fitness activities.

Folding electric scooter is very power-saving. Generally, it can run 30~45 kilometers on a single charge, and it consumes less than one kilowatt of electricity for a full charge.

Folding electric scooter is a joyful ride. Don’t worry about traffic jams, because folding electric scooter folds up and goes through congested areas very easily.

Environmentally-friendly travel, energy-saving, and emission reduction, reducing congestion pressure, folding electric scooter covers a small area, has a small sound, does not consume fuel, and does not emit gas.

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