Magical LED Shower Head, Ignite Your Romantic Bathroom

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Love life, show home. Love maverick, love the trendy stuff. Love tinkering with furniture, love different. Hate to follow the crowd, hate the monotony. Wanna to become fashionistas intelligent person? The shower Ping is still very complicated? Oh, no, you are out, now it becomes very simple, a hand-held shower head, coupled with an overhead shower, basically can meet all your needs. Shower design, smoother lines, contours are also more flat and simple. Whether it is soft and elegant arc, or tough and simple straight line, both gives us the feeling of fashion.

Do you remember the rain romantic plot in the movie? If dancing in the rain, you may fear of striking, but you can consider review this plot at home, Such as ” rain magician”—LED shower head, it can be surrounded by two people, with a recessed lighting system, you will feel like street mapping in the” rain curtain “on the quite atmosphere. Maybe you have no time to go will be made ​​to the spa, or have no home bathtub bubble bath, but you also can enjoy like a waterfall springs invigorating shower experience with this LED shower head.

Some people regard the shower head as masseur, because it looks like the hand of the masseur to give the body muscles, acupuncture points just the right impact, with the intensity of water pressure to allow the body to enjoy the relaxing and soothing effect of massage. Usually it can be a variety of spray pattern adjustment, resulting in different strength, we can ride on the efforts to transform the massage experience comparable to the SPA Museum.

Those people who born after 1980 before 1990 may have seen one called “first contact” novel, the most people never forget of this book, it is the heroine of perfume rain. Many girls are like the heroine of the book, bathed in a perfume rain. The small tidal perfume rain too expensive, and can be bathed in a brilliant and colorful rain, it will feel very happy. This magical LED shower can change three colors according to the water temperature.

If you want to let the bath such a simple thing to become romantic, this LED shower head is great choice for you, the light emitting no electricity, price is also very cheap, a touch of light is also very beautiful.

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