It Is Perfect for Shooting when Doing Outdoor Sports

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In my expression, DVs are always very large and heavy. It is not convenient to carry everywhere. But I do hope that I can have one to record the beautiful landscape when going traveling. Now, I think this video camcorder can be very suitable for me.

This video camcorder comes with 12 Mega pixels and 1280*720 HD video resolutions, and the photo pixel of it is 12 million pixels, so the videos recorded by it can be very clear. And it is also perfect for shooting when doing outdoor sports. Its visual angle is 90 degree, so you can adjust it to a suitable angle for you.

Its functions include video, mobile detection video, sound-control video, photo, recording and AV out, etc. All in one. So have one such a HD video sport action camera, you can do all those actions. However, its size is only 8.6*3*2.2cm, and its weight is only 46g, it is compact in size, easy to carry. So how mini it is! And the video format is in AVI, photo format is in JPEG. You can also further edit them on computer. When you connect it to your computer, there are both USB port and AV port for you.

And this video camcorder is equipped with revolving mounting, it is compatible to install. You can still record with it when you are in the dark, because it comes with a LED light for auxiliary lighting. It can work compatibly with operating systems like win7, windows me, window 2000, window xp, and mac os 10.4 linux.

And there is also a built in lithium battery with 460mAh. When it is fully charged, it can work for a long time. Its storage space largely depends on the TF card you put in. It can be up to 32GB. So you can keep recording when going riding, hunting, surfing, boating.


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  1. Hi again:1) How do you switch to black and white/sepia?  Manual not a huge help.2) Where is the zoom buottn?This camera is a little too complicated for my liking but I hear it’s a basic camera. I hope to learn using it very soon.I don’t mind the non-rechargeable batteries, I’m taking on a trip and they have different voltage where I m going. THANK YOU.

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