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The cold winter is coming. For most people, eating hot chocolate or hot coffee in cold weather is a very pleasant thing. Especially for office workers who are busy with various jobs every day. Maybe you just brewed a cup of hot coffee, and you are eager to return a customer email. When you pick up this cup of coffee again, it has cooled. What a disappointing thing this is. So, do you want to drink hot coffee anytime, anywhere? This Desktop Coffee Mug Warmer can solve this problem.

Desktop Coffee Mug Warmer

This is a mild, temperature sensitive product. Place the cup in the center of the heating plate and it will heat up automatically. If the cup is filled with hot or cold water, the water temperature will slowly drop or heat up to about 52 ° C – 55 ° C (125.6 ° F – 131 ° F). With it, you can drink hot water and hot coffee at any time. It is equipped with a smart gravity sensor switch. When you places the cup on a warm surface and the power supply will turn on. Remove the cup and it will turn off the power and stop heating a glass of water.

Desktop Coffee Mug Warmer Electric Cup Warmer Auto Shut Off
This heater is a safe and reliable product for most ceramic, glass, metal, high temperature plastic cups. It can heat water, coffee, drinks, milk, tea, etc. It uses micro-induction temperature control to facilitate the cup and consumes very little energy. In addition, it uses a thermostatic heater with an internal insulation system.The case temperature is lower than normal, so it is safe for you.
It made of high-quality tempered glass and PVC material for a smooth and comfortable feel. There are 4 anti-slip mats and vents on the bottom of the insulation to ensure stable and safe use. It is not only a personal coffee cup heater, it is also the best life partner, you will use it all winter, just for your pleasant life.

Desktop Coffee Mug Warmer Electric Cup Warmer Auto Shut Off

Xiaomi Fiu 470ml Cup

The biggest feature of this original Xiaomi Fiu 470ML cup is that it will never overflow.The bottom of the cup has strong suction, which perfectly solves the problem of accidental leakage of Coffe or Tea. Separate cups and body to prevent liquid from flowing to the table or On the clothes. Even if you put it on a slope, the cup won’t fall. which protects your PC or important paper documents from unconscious confusion from unconscious confusion. It is made of 304 stainless steel, ergonomic and stylish handle for comfortable grip. It will be a good partner on your desk.]

Xiaomi Fiu 470ml Cup

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