Waterproof Focusable 200mW 660nm Red Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch


Waterproof Focusable Red Laser Pointer Flashlight Torch is a very different type of flashlight. It has very distinctive features. This uniqueness of it is getting a lot of attention and it is attracting a lot of customers throughout the world. It is very convenient and easy to use. It has a Brand high quality professional high power red laser pointer. Apart from this, the flashlight is waterproof and can even be submerged in water. It has lower power dissipation. Having 3 layers of mirror it has changeable focus. It can burn black plastic and fires match in less than 1 second. The shape of torch is designed for ensuring secure grip. It is considered as a Best choice by people interested in underwater adventures.

There are various types of flashlights. Gone are the days when a torch was used as a light source in the dark now you can choose a flashlight most appropriate for your work from a wide variety that is available. Hand-held, helmet-mounted, tube, pocket, miners and sports torch lamp are a few types of flashlight available in market. This specific flashlight we are talking about is laser pointer flashlight which means it has very high intensity. It is very different from all other types of flashlights.

Red laser pointer flashlight torch is very unique and is a must have. Having it in bag, home or office can be helpful in emergency situations when light is needed in dark. Apart from this, it is also considered a good choice for hunting, hiking and camping. All these features make it suitable for underwater activities too. Some of the main features are given below.

Laser Pointer
It has a 660nm 200mW Red Laser Pointer. This laser pointer makes it distinctive from other flashlights.
It has adjustable lens. This feature makes it very convenient.
It can be used under water as it is waterproof flashlight. It can be easily submerged in water.
The laser light produced by this flashlight is clearly visible in the sunshine as well as dark. At night its beam can be seen up to 8000m away.
The beam is of very high intensity that it can fire a match within 10 sec. It can also burn paper and plastic bags, etc.
Casing of flashlight is strong and sealed which prevents dusts from going in. Thus it has a long life.
It is a very handy and easy to use. Moreover, it is practical, compact and very unproblematic to carry.
While using this flashlight it should be kept in mind to avoid direct contact with eyes as it can be very harmful.

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