RC Quadcopter Wifi FPV Selfie Drone RTF , Only $39.99

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VISUO XS809W $39.99 now!  Amazing Price at Tomtop.com

Now let’s Meet this Start Drone

The Visuo XS809W is an awesome UAV designed to be very atmospheric and fluid, much like DJI’s Mavic pro, and it’s never forgotten but we are more conquered by its construction: the fairing is made of thin plastic Made, you can even press with your fingers. Propeller installation, weapon folding, the captain is 18 cm long, 6 cm high and 15 cm wide. Just pull your arms and start. The propeller, placed vertically on the arm, is 30.5 cm long, 6 high and 28.5 cm wide. They lock automatically at the end of the game.
Under the device is an on / off button. Conveniently place the battery in its housing without the risk of being free. Place a small camera in front of a hinge that can be turned to a few degrees. What else? It is not noticed, but there is a hatch beside the on / off button. It is designed to accommodate a microSD type memory card. The Visuo XW809W wirelessly sends images to a smartphone in real time and saves the images in the camera for better quality. The weight of a device without a battery is 122.5 grams. The battery increased by 29.1 grams and the flight weight was 151.6 grams. Four propeller guards added 11.1 grams.

This is RC quadcopter with radio control. Visuo XW809W will take off lightly at the touch of a button. It is stable at about 1 meter in height. Therefore, it has a highly barometer that is easy for pilots. These controls respond fairly well and easily: beginners can start flying without fear of making mistakes. The device’s lightweight protection protects it from small crashes. Press the “Speed” button repeatedly to make the camera more stressed.

The Visuo XS809W engine is a wire drawing model, concealed in a cowling, that drives a 5.7-inch (14.5 cm) propeller through gears. The box is equipped with propeller protection. Advantages: No tools, they are easy to clip on the end of the engine. There are two small red diodes in front of the motor and a diode below each motor with a matte diffuser. The back of the device is the battery hatch. This is a proprietary box model containing a lithium battery 1S 3.7V 900mAh. Insert is simple, but a bit difficult to understand when deleting it.

The Visuo XW809W can be controlled using a tablet or smartphone, and the manufacturer does offer software that is compatible with Android and iOS. Connection established in the wireless network, real-time video feedback. Some tests on the ground showed a very strong delay of 500 milliseconds. It is best to use the radio controls provided in the box. Beautiful handle type, it has a removable monitor to place the smartphone, and enjoy the video return. It only applies to mode 2 (gas remaining). It is powered by 3 AA batteries.






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