LED Bicycle Wheel Lights Water Resistant Anti-shock, Save $10 Here

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LEDs Water Resistant Anti-shock Spoke Light

128RGB,             Color Changing  DIY Programmable Bicycle Wheel Lights

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Our programmable bicycle lights feature a unique lighting system that displays beautiful text and cute cool graphics on your wheels. And without having to worry about changing wheels, you can simply clip these lights on your spokes without changing your current wheels, and when the lights come on, they become clear throughout miles of the bike. And you can connect the lights to your computer, design the patterns or text you want to make your wheel different


Suitable for 26-inch wheels.

With a cushion, is shockproof.

Easy to install and waterproof.

Photos will be changed every 3 seconds.

15k / m speed can better display the pattern.

It consists of 128 high-visibility RGB LED lights.

The rechargeable battery can work for about 15 hours.

With the sensor, the power goes off automatically when you’re not riding.

You can download pictures from the internet and use the USB cable to design pictures.


Such cool led bicycle wheel lights, it’s really worth to buy.

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