Experience the top-ranked Wireless PS3 Headset


This high quality PS3 headset has high quality polymer battery which is rechargeable. The capacity of this headset is also very high. There is 5V DC power supply in this headset. There is automatic sleep function in this headphone as well. The adaptor used in this headset is 100-240v AC. There are so many good features available in this headset. This headset is basically for the Sony PS3. It has the feature of network call as well. There is wireless Bluetooth technology is used in this headset due to which it can be connected with any other set wirelessly. Bluetooth 2.0v is used in this headset. It has an ISM band and blue core 4 csr is used in the headset.

2.4 GHz processor is used in this PS3 headset. Lithium polymer rechargeable battery is used in this headset. The open space distance is 30m in the straight line. There is high frequency sensitivity in the headset which is equal to or greater than 7.5dB. This headset is normally available in the black color. The net weight of this headset is 44.5g including battery while packing weight is 135g. The packing size of this headset is 194 x 165 mm. It has a smart look. You can be able to enjoy your games in a better way with the help of this headset. This headset is easy to use and understand. It is a very good headset for PS3.

You can be able to enjoy yourself more happily with PS3 Bluetooth headset. It can help you to share your music with your friends and you can talk to them as well with this headset. It can work perfectly in different situations. You can be able to enjoy yourself at the games with this headset. It is very good Bluetooth headset with which you can be able to enjoy your games in a better way. It can be used to listen game music and talking to your friends. It has a very good tone quality. Its structure is very nice and smart with its special wireless Bluetooth. You can be able to hear and talk very clearly with this headset. The use of this headset is simple and easy and you can understand it very easily.

The voice input and output is very good in this Wireless PS3 Headset. It is compatible with all PS3 games. The design of this headset is small, sleek and compact and its hardware configuration is top of the line. There is support for the voice command function in this headset as well. It can be connected with PS3 with the help of USB cable. The length of USB cable is one meter. It has functions of volume level and mute status as well. There can be an easy storage in this headset when it is not being used. This headset can also be used as microphone. It has an elegant and stylish design. Overall it is a high quality headset with many great features.

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