How to Use Dance Mat


A dance mat, also know as a dance pad, dance platform, or jitter deck is a flat electronic game controller used for input in dance games. Most dance pads are divided into a 3*3 matrix of square panels for the player to stand on, with some or all of the panels corresponding to directions or actions within the game. Some dance mats also have extra button outside of the main stepping area, such as “Start” and “Select”. Let us to learn how to use dance mat in the following.

dance mat

1. Set Up

First, take your dance mat out of the package, lay it on the clean floor. Put the data cable plug into the MIDI/GAME. (Notice: You should turn off the power when you plug or unplug the dance mat, in order to avoid damaging the components or connector port.) According to the instruction to set up the drivers and test.

2. How to Use

The dance mat could be slip slightly on the ground with your dance when in games, this will make you have feelings of insecurity, especially for older people. So you need to paste the supplied thrown off the four-sided protection layer affixed to the back of the dance mat, and paved the dance mat to double-sided stick close to the ground (the ground should be clean), you must be feeling much safer now!

You will see the “CONFIG” in the beginning of the game, the game modes can be configured by this. Off: Normal mode (the shortcut key is “↑” in the games );Mirror: direction of the arrow in turn (by “↓ “Key); Left: Move clockwise direction of the arrow to a grid (by”←”key); Right: move counter-clockwise direction of the arrow to a grid (by”→”key); Shaffle: random changes in direction of the arrow (while Press “←” “→” key). There are also a number of configuration items, the game can become familiar with the process of its configuration.

The shortcut keys in the games in the following, the space bar: OK / pause; Esc: back on the menu; F1: volume reduction of 5%; F2: volume increase of 5%; F3 ~ F4: fast forward; F5: rate adjusted to 0.75 / 1.25; F6 ~ F7: Gap Adjustment; F8: random selections.

Mode Selection: Shift key + “→” or “←” key, SINGLE is one four-button model, DOUBLE as one eight-key mode, COUPLE for the two battle mode; music selection: “←” or “→” key; level selection : “↑” or “↓”, BASK for primary, ANOTHER for the intermediate, MANIAC is a senior.

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