Belly Dance Skirts Make Your Dancing More Interesting and Appealing


Dance is seen as language expresses through movement in which we can see ancient and modern ceremonials, love and happiness. But among many forms of dance, only belly dancer is able to wake images of elegance, beauty and sexiness with body expressing mood.

Belly dance is very interesting, and we can gain strength, conditioning, health as well as sound live. Besides skills, the skirt is perhaps the most important feature in belly dance. The more beautiful skirt is, the more attractive the dance and the dancer are.

Belly dance skirts are an important part of your costume if you are a serious belly dancer. When you take up belly dancing on a regular basis, you will want belly dance skirts which are comfortable and which will aid you in your dancing and not entangle you. The skirt should be fitted well so that it hugs the body and is loose flowing at the right places. Since the movements in the dance are very artistic and intricate, the skirt should help you perform well. It should not restrict your movements. At the same time, it should not make you look disproportionate or vulgar either.

There can be many kinds of styles of the belly dance skirts. The choice of the style depends on the type of belly dance you want to do and the audience you will have. If you want to do a lot of whirling on stage, then a full skirt will make you look very graceful. If you want to draw attention to your legs, then choose a skirt which is bit shorter. You can also go for skirts which are full length but have slits at the sides to show off your legs. In our store most of the skirts are embellished with embroidery, coins, sequins and jewels to make them look more attractive. You’ll meet your favorite.

Add a hip scarf or coined hip belt for accent to your skirt. The coins on the belt will jingle to the rhythmic of the music and you will have your audience loving every move you make. The beauty of the belly dance is the moves you make with your hips, but the elegance of the dance it the outfit you wear.


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