Colorful And Multi-Function Mini Laser Projector


High quality mini laser projector is the best choice to decorate DJs, Bands, Bars, Clubs, KTV, PUB, Roller skating rinks, Family party etc. It’s easy to set up a light show with the colorful and multi-function mini laser projector, red and green laser rotate through star patterns. Dynamic liquid sky, Animated moving stars, Cloud formation: Fully adjustable motion speed, Sound active and auto-made. All this wonder and beauty of the night sky happen in your room. Trendsetter, fashion pioneer, for private and public us, the best choice for relax after your work or study.

The mini laser projector hit the target such as walls effect of the formation is composed of many smalls dots which includes thousands red dot and green points according to the rhythm of music non-stop blinking and moving with voice, a combination of snow, fireflies, stars and other effects. An improvement on the handle, handle the bottom of the winded a lot, you can use as a bracket, so it become more compact and convenient for use. A strobe mode – automatic flash and change patterns, voice patterns – according to the external rhythm of the music and stop flashing and moving, Always Mode – always red and green laser spot movement. Red and green laser issued under the control of the motor a little bit like the stars of the gerous colors, like fireflies flying in the sky, and if the walk through the sky, the impact point and the point of countless stars shine, to increase the infinite sky dreamy romantic dynamic atmosphere. The mini laser projector using imported LD, long life, high stability, in line with international standards for safe use of laser generator.

There are thousands of laser projectors available in the market, but one of the hottest item is Mini Red-Green Moving Party Laser Stage DJ Light Projector, the price is as low as $29.56, available on China wholesale store TOMTOP. Red and green “stars” sparkle/move/combine/appear/disappear automatically or according to sound/music volumn. Magical and Beautiful. Perfect for Disco and ballroom, KTV room, bar, stage and party.

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