LED Car Lights – Light Up The Eyes Of Your Car


Car Lights also consider as the “Car eyes”, the car which has beautiful eyes not only make your car very beautiful, but also very practical. With the increase of car production in the whole world, the car’s eyes industry came into being, and continue to grow and develop. The traditional car lights can be divided into the incandescent lights, halogen lamps and xenon lamps. Traditional lights create a simple, low cost, easy to adjust and control the brightness, the color is good, but the life is short, light-emitting efficiency is low (only 12% – 18% can be transformed into light, and the rest are in the form of heat dissipation), low color temperature (2700 – 3100K).

With the rapid changes in technology, the car lights converted from the traditional lights to LED lights increasingly. LED is a pn junction of the solid containing semiconductor components which can be self-luminous. LED chip is p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor chips formed in the p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor between a transition layer, called the pn junction. When using gallium arsenide, gallium arsenic phosphide, gallium phosphide and other semiconductor materials, semiconductor materials in which the pn junction, the injection of minority carrier and majority carrier complex when will the excess energy released in the form of light, which convert light energy directly into electrical energy. LED Car lights have high efficiency, environmental pollution, energy saving, long life, low heat, earthquake, many advantages of high color purity.

According to the report, in the China market, LED Car Lights used by less then 1%, some Western developed countries, usage is not more than 30%. LED lights in the Chinese market is the development of resistance to the current cost. LED chip production technology is extremely difficult, the threshold is high, the process of raising grain temperature, humidity, power supply, dust is very strict, then initial need to invest heavily in building factories. LED chip is currently the main origin of China Taiwan, the market share of about 47%, while in mainland China’s LED plant more for resin encapsulation process, the clip requires a lot of imports.

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