Magic webcams prevent accident, save the lives of workers


As we all know, a camera can record everything what we want. However, small camera also works to prevent accidents and save the lives of workers. Yesterday, Changsha standardized safety and quality of construction enterprises management site meeting held in the construction site of Dongfanghong Group in Hunan. Hundreds of builders and construction experts witnessed the magic wireless IP webcam in Shanghai City. It is reported that East Red Group invested 40 million yuan to install 25 cameras at the site of the secure channel, tower cranes, construction elevators, and other important parts, the safety of group and site was remote monitored through this camera from the production office all day, if there are possible Security risks, security staff will notify the worker by the radio, and stop the accident in time.

Access into the construction of Shanghai City Phase III site, the reporter found that whether construction workers, or support staff, everyone is consciously wearing a helmet, and whether tower cranes, construction elevators, or the main construction site, all are installed the camera which can rotate 360-degree. According to the overall project manager of the Shanghai City Zhang Jieming introduced “there are 1,100 construction workers on the existing site, setting WiFi outdoor Camera can supervise the responsibility and the motivation of construction personnel in a large extent, and can promote awareness of standard operation, also convenient for unified management of construction. The East Red Group is invested 40 million yuan to install 25 video cameras at strategic locations. Security officer only sit in front of the computer, can be well aware of the situation by remote controlling. It is reported that this is the first time in Changsha engineering.”

At the same time, the group has invested more than 30 million yuan to develop a set of software, using mobile phones transport the construction site conditions to the Group control room. “the construction process was also recorder to back up, can freely view the monitored information. ” Zhang Jieming said. It’s said that after putting the webcam into using, the number of illegal construction dropped significantly, from 20 per month down to four or five.

While strengthening monitored, East Red Group is also establish and improve various rules and regulations, to implement the relevant obligations strictly, and to enhance staff safety training. “For lift drivers、 crane drivers and other key positions, we insist on illegal heavy penalties, so we often buy Foscam camera which can support a variety of mobile remote control, and it’s built-in universal head, so can supports up, down, left, right auto rotation. It also have two-way audio, built-in motion detection alarm, support smart phones to achieve the remote monitoring. ” Zhang Jieming said.

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