Looking for “TOMTOP” around you and Win the Prizes!

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To mobilize TOMTOP facebook fans to be more active, and to make more FB users know TOMTOP well, tomtop.com holds this campaign – “looking for TOMTOP”. 10 big prizes are provided for you, our dear friends!

Prizes: 10 pieces valued of $30 gift cards.

How to Participate?

1. Look for a picture that includes “TOMTOP” or “TT”(except for the pictures from TOMTOP).

Sample picture:

2. Design a picture that includes letters of “TOMTOP” or “TT”.

Sample picture:

3. Post your picture on TOMTOP@Facebook page, and tag more than 5 friends on your picture.

How to Win?

1. Encourage your friends to “like” the picture you posted. The more the better!

2. Last day to enter is October 28, pacific time, prizes would be given away to 10 entries which get the most amount of “likes”.

How to Get Your Prize?

After all the winners and prizes are confirmed, the list of the winners will be appeared on TOMTOP facebook page, and the prize information will be sent to the each winner via email.


To ensure the fairness and justice of this campaign, please pay attention that:

1. TOMTOP staffs are not allowed to participate.

2. Each participant can only get one gift.

3. For the entries get the same amount of “likes”, the winner would be determined according to the chronological order.

4. Participants with fake facebook profiles would be disqualified.


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