Are You Ready For The Coming Halloween’s Day


Halloween is coming, are you ready for it? What is your style last year? Did you surprised your friends? This year you may want another cool style for this coming Halloween, so let’s introduct some interested and cool styles for you. Here are a few of her easy-to-recreate styles that will satisfy girlie-girls and die-hard fright night fans, alike.

Halloween makeup

1. Robert Palmer Lady
He may have been addicted to love, but you’re addicted to simplicity. Do you love the 1980s glam-rocker look of slicked-back hair, bold brows, and red lips? All you need is a white button-down, black mini-skirt, and inflatable guitar.
2. 1960s Vixen
With shows like Pan Am bringing back the retro trend, a great last-minute costume idea is to go as an old-school sweetheart. All you need to do is keep your skin clean except for a little blush, wear a pink, opaque lipstick, and apply many coats of lengthening mascara. Pair the look with a shift dress, knee-high boots, and a perky ponytail, and you’re good to go.

Halloween makeup

3. Futuristic Femme-Bot
Blame it on Olivia Wilde. The one movie makeup trend we might see this year is the sci-fi look from Tron. This space-age aesthetic would work particularly well on women with jet-black or platinum blonde hair. Stick to silver shades for your smoky eye and use black eyeliner pencil to fill in your lips.
4. Vampire or Zombie
For the vampire series TV shows or movie, many girls may want to have a vampire style. Remember that white eye shadow is a more transparent and flattering way to create a paler face, so, don’t use that. You only need to use darker eye shadow tones to contour beyond-the-grave cheekbones. Keep your look slightly asymmetrical. Having subtly mismatching eye makeup will be disarming. Remember: Not-so-perfect execution can be especially sexy on Halloween.

Halloween makeup

Now, choose one style and prepare some tools for this style. Let’s enjoy this wonderful night’s coming!

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