Learn Link Bait Easily Through Funny Photos


No doubt that internet is very different than 10 years ago. In the good old days, you could probably just write about something funny or useful and visitors would give you a link as they were unaware of the value of a link (because Google was not very popular yet). This barely happens today, unless you can provide something not only valuable but also viral linkbaiting. Nowadays people can’t be careless to give links because the information on internet is over-saturated and they know the value of a link.

Viral Linkbaiting Content

There is a huge difference between valuable content and viral linkbaiting content. A valuable content might not be viral linkbaiting, but a viral linkbaiting content must be valuable.

Types of Link Bait

Linkbait comes in various forms that can be used in creative ways to drive traffic to your site. Today’s infographic shows the most common forms used today:

Tips For Writing Link Bait

Link bait refers to any type of online content or web site feature that is specifically made to draw people’s attention and encourage other web sites to link to it. Link bait is a very important part of web marketing because the more links are attached to a certain content or feature in a web site the higher it will rank in search engine results, which is the ultimate goal of any web site owner.

Resource type Link Bait or Resource Hook

It is actually a very simple concept, although quite difficult to acheive. The idea is that you provide an element of content – whether it be an article, a video, a web tool or a download, that is truly unique and which many people will feel that their own network, audience or friends should know about.

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