Birthday Party for Staff


At the end of every month, company will hold a birthday party for the staffs, whose birthday in this month. We all enjoy the delicious cake, birthday song, best wishes from colleagues and excellent presents. Every one left a memorable time and felt the warmth of TOMTOP family. One of the birthday persons said: “I’m so happy that company held the birthday party for us. I never dreamed that so many people celebrated my birthday, I am grateful to the company. Oh, I also recieved a birthday present from our company. ” Then he showed us the pioneer bull woodcarving,”This gift is very meaningful. This year is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and the bull is a symbol of the Shenzhen spirit of the pioneer. This spirit inspires me! ”

The Pioneer Bull

Let’s share the happiness of the birthday party

delicious cake

birthday persons

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