LED T-Shirt: Light and Dance With Music


In the midsummer night, the light along with the melody of music dancing light up every corner of the city. The dark, sultry summer become slightest sound refreshing and enjoyable by that dazzle. This is LED T-Shirt which is prevalent in the market and much sought after young people nowadays. Unparalleled style, extremely strong buy, to make this T-Shirt quickly became one of the market force, the trend is still emerging and growing.

LED T-Shirt

LED T-Shirt has brought fantasy fairy tale to us, and it is no longer imported from Europe and America, but by the Chinese design concept of the pure independent local creative products. There is unquestionable that global economic downturn bring the negative impact to China in foreign trade. While the huge Chinese market and many consumers in China, which has not been important elements of the Chinese people themselves has become very attractive now. Faced with such huge profits cake which was carved up by foreign occupation of the situation, the development of Chinese enterprises want to seek only a change in product strategy, the only way to improve the competitive advantage of the times introduced innovative, proprietary products, and this seemingly simple truth for Chinese enterprises to implement definitely struggling. While we were lingering confusion, a new force, LED T-Shirt, to all Chinese companies seeking to develop to play a shot in the arm.

The reason why the LED T-Shirt is sought after, largely thanks to it’s out of ordinary compare with other brand T-Shirts. Each T-Shirt has a very special pattern, when the music started, the patterns on the clothing can be synchronized with the music rhythm to follow the light, as the computer player in the equalizer effects, as perfectly in tune, gives a wonderful feeling, as if to follow the music in dance. Why it can produce so strange effect? The reason is that there is a computer chip in each clothes, just like the music receiver, when the music started in the outside world, the tiny music will release the receiver signal, the pattern will follow a regular rhythm of the music beat, when the music stops, it will restore the original style. High-tech and the perfect combination of fashion, coupled with personalized, beautiful special pattern, so it has become one of the must have shirt between the young people.

Advantages of LED T Shirt

1. Harmless – don’t emit any ultraviolet rays that affect our health.

2. Flexible picture shape – manufacturers could make the picture shape according to customer requirements.

3. Low energy consumption – it gives off light even the electricity quantity is very low. Its consumption power is measured by mW.

4. Ultra thin – the thinnest could be below 0.18mm.

5. Pliable – It could give off light in any shape even it is folded.

6. Don’t emit heat – EL-LED belongs to cold light source. There is almost no increase in temperature when the shirt turns on. Its working temperature is lower than fluorescent lamp.

7. Strong shockproof capability – different from other luminescent devices, EL LED will not lose its efficacy because of the outer impact.

8. The light it gives off is well distributed and mild – there is no flicker during use, so we seldom feel uncomfortable in our eyes.

9. Long serving life – The average life span of EL LED is from 5000 to 25000 hours.

10. 100% cotton and washable

LED Shirts are great gifts for people at all ages. Different styles and colors are available. Buy them from China Wholesale online store TOMTOP now.

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