Lucent Elf


Hello, I am lucent elf, my scientific name is LED flashlight, anyone who pursues pro-environment will love me for my excellent characteristics.

I was made of aluminium alloy , mini aspect, lightness and soft .Common liquid can not break down me , you can lay me up anywhere, you take me conveniently. So I am lucent elf not the traditional flashlight.

Being based on LED principle , I am bright light , use less energy and have long lifetime. LED is the short name of Light Emitting Diode. It was born in 1960’s. Saving electricity , long lifetime , quake-resistance are its inborn characteristics. Therefore, it has been widely used in semaphore, Liquid Crystal Display, landscape light and its technology is getting more and more mature.

I am suitable for outdoor activities, camping, hiking, family emergency, etc.. When power failure, spare energy for cars, protect yourselves in danger.

I am the most popular torch in the center, I am the lucent elf. Do you want to own me ? Just pay $13.45,(free shipping) you can get me , do it now!

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