What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Led Light bulbs?


In life, we need light to see well when there is darkness. There are several light bulbs for you to choose. You will find that in life we are fond of using the same light bulb in our lives.  We are living in a fast technology-developing world. There are new types of light bulbs that are produced daily. The newer one today are called the LED Light BulbsThey can be used for various reasons in our household. These bulbs have some advantage and disadvantages over other incandescent bulbs.

LED Light Bulbs

Advantages of LED bulbs

  • Many of these bulbs when used well and effectively have a long lifespan. When the bulb produces a lot of heat, its lifespan reduces. They consume less kilowatts of electricity. They save money due to their long span. They are always good for environment. The bulbs are free from mercury. This is because mercury is poisonous to human being more so for young children. When you use these bulbs for a long time, they do not easily cut out. They will take a longer time before they cut out.
  • The LED bulbs are cooler compared to other bulbs. This is because they will start to provide a dim LED light after they have been used for long. This is when they will start to run out. You will always get time to find or prepare to look for another bulb. These bulbs will fade slowly as you get on using them. The goodness is that you will use them longer. The bulbs cannot affect one’s eyes, due to the little light they produce. One will be affected unless he/she gazes to the bulbs for a long time. These bulbs provide the best quality light compared to incandescent bulbs.

Disadvantages of LED bulbs

  • The LED light bulbs are sometimes dangerous to our eyes. The light they produce can damage our eyes. When you look directly to these bulbs, you will be affected. The other this is that, these bulbs are sensitive to a high voltage. these bulbs might experience a surge that will cause them to burn out.
  • The surges are common. This will lead to other expenses. Most of these bulbs are costly compared to other bulbs. When you have a large room, you will need several bulbs to use. This will lead to extra bulbs to be used. The LED light is always directional. This one means that the light is not radiated to all directions. Places like corners and other places will not receive enough light.


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