How Spinning Top Does Relate To Inception Film?


The greatest stainless steel spinning top relates to inception film. It is made of zinc alloy silver a strong material that is non-porus. It cannot rust and this should not worry you. The following are it specifications

Spinning Top

  • Is made of zinc alloy silver material
  • Has a size of 27.5mmx32mm
  • An average weight of 20g
  • Packaging weight is 30g

Inception is a movie that was produced in the year 2010.  It is science fiction written, produced and directed in American. The film stars include DiCaprio who plays Dom Cob. The star has the ability to obtain important information from the subconscious mind of his victims, when they are asleep. This work consumes a lot of his time that he is unable to visit his family back at home.  The star gets a chance to regain his old life and be together with his family again. However, there is an exchange of this with one last job. The last job is performing inception. This is a process of growing an idea into the mind of his client’s opponent.

Before the release of inception, its development took about nine years to be complete. In the year 2001, a writer by name Nolan wrote an 80-page book on dream stealers. The writer presented the idea inform of a story and was inspired by many things. With time, the writer had a feeling that he wants to have anew experience with films. He worked on his book and did the necessary and after nine years, the film was ready. During the development of the inception, he spent about six months shining up the script.  Early 2009 Warner Bros. a film industry purchased the script.

The production of the film extended to more than six countries and four continents. This was around June 2009, and after five months, the movie was complete. The parts of songs used in the movie by the composer made it to score high and be popular whole over the world.

The total cost for production and other expenses for inception were budgeted at $160 million. These costs were to be shared between Warner Bros and Nolan the writer. Nolan with the help of Dark Knight manages to raise $100 million that was used in the advertisement of the movie. The inception spinning top film was first released in London on July 2010.  In the same month July 2010, it was in both conventional and theatres.

On the release of the movie, it grossed over $21 million on the first day. In addition, during the first weekend $62.7 million was collected. 


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