Two 11-year-old boy will play live PK “KongMing Lock”


Community Fun Games Yangqiao Henan, one of ancient folk toys “kongming lock” to the residents baffled, and even collections of its owner 20 years – teacher Chen Deren also forgotten folk games are played (see July 17 A13 Edition). Over the past four days, many readers and online users through the SMS platform involved, the two would play “kongming lock” the assembled masters are 11 year-old boy, they want a live PK.This afternoon, the 11-year-old boy CHEN Qi Yuan, Cai Yao Chen Deren and folk teachers bring a great variety of the “kongming Lock” toys came to this newspaper, after some trial of strength, although the play will be four different “kongming lock”, no one solution Chen opened to give the “kongming Lock” play.

Two boys to bring the four different “kongming Lock” 30 seconds, successfully assembled a most difficult. Chen Qi Yuan 11-year-old only started this summer, fell in love with kongming locks, he would “Borrow Arrows with Thatched”, “Huoshaochibi”, “murderer” in three different models, and playing very slip.Today he has brought the three wise man lock, on-site assembly, movement is very quick and neat. A most difficult one is the “murderer”, “I was more than a week before assembling them out!” Qi Yuan to a live demonstration, apart toys, Chen began to time, “30 seconds! Amazing!” Only took 30 seconds He took the hardest a good assembly.(Puzzle Toy

Tsai Yao-age boys also want to try one never played a “murderer” kongming-style lock. “Oh, no! How do you spell it?” Attached to several test failures, Cai Yao frowned. “Be patient, is certainly wrong direction, you carefully have a look.” Encouraged Chen to the side. After 20 minutes finally assembled the success of Yao Cai shouted excitedly, “Yeah! I did it!”

Minimum of 5 seconds to assemble a successful. Cai Yao kongming is more than a year to play the lock is assembled by the six wooden, the appearance and Tan’s exactly the same, and everyone thought the same paragraph. “I’ll spell of three, two out of my own research.” Yao Cai a first demonstration. “Rapidly, even as long as 5 seconds to assemble out!” In the side of the surprise tikongming Chen said.

Weight to fight again, while Yao Cai assembly, while explaining. “The first step, first six wood in sequence; the second step, the two children of the same wooden teeth put together; third step is to find a different child’s wooden teeth, from the bottom through to; s four steps, then let a different child’s wooden teeth, put up to insert in; fifth step, take the fifth root wood from the top down into them; sixth step, this solid wood root hole through the middle to . to OK it! ” Then he shows the other two spellings, after the completion of the “kongming Lock” will appear a wooden cross and the two interlaced strips of wood of different shapes, so that everyone surprised endless. “Fight of the wood in a different direction, out of shape is different.”(Wooden Puzzle Toys)

Six teeth, “kongming lock” or a mystery play

When Chen showed the collection for 20 years, “kongming lock” when a comparison, it was found, and Yao kongming Tsai lock actually a little different. “My six wood, the five sub-toothed, one is solid. But the teacher of the six toothed wood is actually the Son.” Cai Yao scratched his head, though puzzled, but I think the principle should be assembled associated.Now a fight, he left to fight another fight, that is not work out doorway, watching the last two remaining wood, and had no opportunity to fight down, had to tear down again. “The educational toys, is certainly difficult before they are easy, the first step the most important for the lines of the back of the assembly.” Chen them seriously mindless.(Puzzle Toys for Kids)

Qi Yuan is also eager for half an hour pondering the results, or be defeated. “It’s really not easy, no one to fight, then?” Everyone is confused, Tan’s “kongming lock” it became a mystery play. Both boys and Chen made an appointment, so the next time went to the Chen family free to continue to play, “must be assembled out!”

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