All about fantastic Spektrum Receiver


There is 2.4 GHz receiver used in spektrum receiver which can be used for any electric model ranging from mini foamies to the 400 class helis. There is advanced DSM2 technology used in this receiver due to which it is compatible with module systems and DSM2 aircraft radio. It provides wide range of input with the help of which electric systems from 3.5 volts to 9.6 volts can be operated very easily. The weight of this receiver is only 4.4g. The dimensions of this receiver are 19 x 40 x 9 mm. There are plenty of great features available in this receiver. It is really very effective and useful receiver due to use of DSM2 technology.

There are six channels used in this AR6100E receiver. The processor of this receiver is 2.4GHz band. This receiver can be mounted very easily in horizontal and full flat mounting with the help of end pin connectors. There are small 30mm antennas also used in this receiver for mounting it easily. This receiver is of microlite parkflyer Rx type. The antenna length is of 30mm. The DSM2 technology makes it very effective. It is extremely light weight with only 4.4 grams. You can be able to fly plane very easily about 700 feet range. The sight and shadowing effects of this receiver are very good and its signal strength is also very good with the use of two antennas in this receiver.

Powerful processor of 2.4GHz is used in this DSM2 receiver which can be used for different electrical models.  It is a full range receiver system containing main unit where there is power bus. Multiple servos are used in designing of this model receiver. The high current loads are managed with the help of robust power bus. This receiver is very good for small compact airframe. It can be very good six channels receiver option because of its small weight. There is improved signal path diversity in this receiver because of antenna locations. LED is used in this receiver with the help of which number of holds can be represented. This receiver is designed only for the parkflyer use. It can be very good receiver because of six channel parkflyer.

The top pin configuration is very simple in this spektrum receiver. It can be a good solution for all aircraft models because of six channels used in it. This receiver has a compact design. The performance of this receiver is also very good. This receiver is the perfect solution for different types of applications. This receiver is extremely thin and compact as well. You can have superior interference protection and response in this receiver due to use of DSM2 technology. It can be good for your sport applications as well. You can be able to configure this receiver very easily in an additional port. The use of end pin connectors helps you in mounting convenience. This receiver is very good for foamies up to 400 helisas well.

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