Electrical Multimeters


Do you have any problem with using your Electrical meters? In this essay, we will talk about some frequently asked questions about multimeters.

1. The buzzer function is done for?
A: The buzzer function is to meter additional features, usually done in 2K file, the general resistance of 50 when measured below the line (or resistance), the built-in buzzer. This feature in practice, the role of large, can improve the measurement of line off the efficiency of the electronic maintenance of the necessary functions.

2. Why digital multimeter is not shorted in the 200Ω file back to zero?
A: 200 file, the line, instrument there is resistance and resistance point of contact, so the short circuit, there are a number of mantissa is normal, the mantissa will be increasing in use, can not be adjusted, but the lines can be cleaned board, in close contact to reduce the value. Can be in use, the first short circuit, and note the value subtracted in the measurement on it.

3. How to determine the multimeter is good?
A: This is a rather big problem, will try both each functional range is a better method. Detection, first find the test sources, but generally user-owned standard detection source is impossible, so the general test could add some quantitative with qualitative methods to measure. Basic program, is to find the source detection, according to the instructions and then use it again on the line.

4. How to proofread multimeter?
A: The meter and other measuring instruments, like the factory, manufacturers are adjusting well, so if there is no obvious big question, Please do not adjust. Now the multimeter, the meter is generally a voltage meter, so to proofread other stalls, we must first adjust the DC voltage profile, the file is called the industry’s basic file, the file of a wrong, the basic of every file, every function (except for resistance profile), are likely inaccurate. General multimeter functions in each set up a potentiometer (such as the DC voltage range) or more of the potentiometer (such as temperature profile), there are not set potentiometer (such as the resistance profile). A potentiometer easy to handle, the input detection signal, and then adjust on the line directly; no potentiometers, and generally not inaccurate, if inaccurate, then there may be damage to the instrument or line caused by poor contact.

5. How to determine (test) digital thermometer DC voltage range (DCV) is good?
A: Detection, testing first to find the source, because we add a little quantitative measurement is qualitative, so the source of many of the available inspection, home inspection source has, 1.5V alkaline / carbon batteries (1,5/AA, 7/AAA), 1.2V rechargeable batteries, cell phone chargers, adapters and so on. Detection, will be appropriated for the required DC voltage meter files, according to the instructions inserted table pen, connected detection source, on the LCD readout can be read, as long as the value measured at the nominal voltage so can the .
PS: repeat, we add a little quantitative measurement is qualitative, so we can use these sources, because these are not very stable voltage source, such as 1.5V battery, new battery may reach more than 1.6V, the old battery may only a few tenths of volts.

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