How to Choose A Guitar Tuner


If you are a beginner of guitar, there are some accessories you may need. Like the guitar tuner. If your guitar isn’t in tune then anything else you do won’t sound right. As a beginner, it is very important to get a basic guitar tuner with basic features. He needs a screen that is not so sensitive as to confuse him with too much information but sensitive enough to give out the right information.

Digital Chromatic Guitar Tuners

Most Digital guitar tuners have a needle, or an LCD representation of a needle to show you whether the pitch is sharp or flat. If it is pointing dead center that means the note is in tune. If it’s to the left that means it’s flat (low), if it is to the right that means it is sharp (high). They will usually have a little scale with the notes on it, these notes highlight as you play the string. Most of them will have a green light that flashes when your string is in tune, a red light will flash to the left it it is flat, and to the right if it is sharp.

This kind the tuner will the learner enough information needed so that he can get the strings to the right general pitch and then exact information to tune the pitch. Also,this tuner is very good in that he can get used to working with what his eyes are seeing on the screen and what he is hearing his guitar do.

Clip on Guitar Tuner

Another type of tuner for acoustic guitar is the clip on tuner. This tuner doesn’t have a built in microphone, but it doesn’t need a one. It clips on the head of your guitar and recognizes what note you play by the vibrations that it picks up. It’s very useful when trying to tune in a loud room. Many of the microphone tuners will be thrown off by other noises. The clip on is also nice because you can leave it clipped to your guitar in case you want to check it periodically. Some could also work on bass, violin and Ukulele which is an added bonus.

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3 thoughts on “How to Choose A Guitar Tuner

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  2. I like this one the best, the other ones i found were off a bit and usually had a bit of atohner sound mixed in, i think one was using distortion which didn’t help at all. Anyways, i’d download this if you could maybe add voice saying which note was being played next so i can prepare myself for the next string.

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