Hi, Let’s Go Outing


Spring is a season of recovery, I promise that outing is a good choice for every “baby” in working. It will be very interesting and healthy for you, no matter family outing or company outing.

A short outing will take you away from the monotony. Come out of your bored room and plan a holiday trip. You will feel the difference inside . The green life of environs will not only make you feel hopes, but also make you smell the breath of natural life. Is there anyone do not want to kiss the nature?

Of course, The preparatory works must be done before we do anything. So, what shall we pay attention to? If you want, I will take a few candy to share with you. Don’t worry, they will not make your tooth decay.

First, We need to determine a good time and place, Cretainly, it is not middle of the night
also not in your home park. Had a joke. It depends on the time of participants and the surrounding environment.

Second, To determine the theme of outing, Fishing, Boating, picnic, climbing, camping, grass skiing, etc. which one you are fancy? I would like to go to climbing or picnic.

Third, The theme has determined, then is to prepare the homologous props. I picked a few props for you in the follows. I hope there will be a chicken was caught by the sharp glede which you are.

A perfect tent for camping and other outdoor activities. Large space can contain 2-3 persons, especially designed for couples.

This lighweight, multi-purpose folding water bucket would be an ideal tool for camping, fishing and other outdoor and garden activities. It can hold 13 liter water or other things such as food and cookers. Ideal for camping, picnic, fishing, household and more.

This pair of Military Knee Pads can best protect your knees. Cool and Professional. Ergonomical design, provide best protection for your knees. Khaki color, can match with Desert Camouflage, Special Forces costumes, etc.

Fourth, If you are not to go to picnic, don’t forget to take some food, it will be help you. Most importantly, don’t forget to take your camera. The future memories or to share happiness with friends and families in the future all depend on it.

Finally, Have a good time!

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