Galaxy S GT-I9000 – 3.5 inch Android 2.1 WiFi GPS Smartphone


Looking at the new Galaxy S GT-I9000, it is obvious that the manufacturer are targeting the high end smartphone market with this high specification model. This is a promising smartphone that is combined with the power of the Android 2.1 operating system and ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor. The device is capable of playing HD video files smoothly and the users will get immaculate entertainment. The other major highlights of the mobile phone includes social network integration, 5 mega pixel camera and a lot more.

Galaxy I9000

The first evidence of where this handset is pitched is in terms of the look. Thanks to its curved edges and glossy black plastic back panel, the GT-I9000 phone is not a million miles away from the iPhone 3GS in terms of looks. The weight of the Galaxy S GT-I9000 is very lightweight at 135g, with both the materials used in construction and the screen technology combing to help produce this. Choosing to steer away from TFT displays has proved a very wise decision. The Super AMOLED system used in this model not only uses minimal space, but helps produce a naturally vivid and rich picture quality. This method achieves its results by incorporating the touch sensitive sensors directly onto the display, rather than overlaying a separate sheet, which increases depth. This method seems so effective it is hard to envisage any other system being used on future handsets. The screen measures a large 3.5 inch from corner to corner, superb for browsing websites or viewing media, but inevitably adding vital millimeters onto the height and width of the phone. Thus for many consumers, it comes down to a simple decision of larger screen or smaller handset. Another great aspect of the display on this phone is its performance in sunlight, where it rates highly over many of its counterparts.

The Galary I9000 works on the very impressive Android 2.1 operating system, however in a bid to add they’re own twist to this, they have overlaid their own TouchWiz user interface in a bid to make user operation a much simpler affair. Perhaps the most topical feature of this interface is the way it combines social networking updates together in one easily manageable place. Named “Social Hub”, it collaborates information from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, saving time for the user who now need not log into each individual client in order to check what is happening around them. There are plenty of multimedia features on the Galaxy S GT-I9000to keep even the most demanding user occupied. Music albums are displayed with their cover art thanks to TouchWiz’s media player. Video is captured at an impressive resolution for 720P, which in more simple terms is high definition. Not only does this feature make the Galary S a very “current” handset, it also offers ample opportunity to showcase the picture quality on the superb screen.

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