Handsome Digital Camo Cap


Nowadays camo hat has been from the army into the fashion group, A casual and fashion digital camo cap, It’s a must buy to match your military costumes. You’ll find it great when you’re climbing, outdoor shooting, going picnic, going fishing, etc.

The patterns of camo cap in color from dark green, light green, brown, black 4-color composition, general-purpose woodland camo pattern, each unit took the edge between blocks to smooth curves. This flower design has a better hidden effect at long range, but within a short distance of 50 meters in camo result is poor. The concept of the so-called digital camo is a common type of the original woodland camo pattern processing in digital lattice so that the edge of the fuzzy decentralized, while the edge of the block unit spent the technical processing, the flower block pattern consistent with adjacent cells, thereby Flowers by disrupting alignment of the block, to the observer to form the illusion of a flickering shadows to enhance close visual masking effects. In addition, the researchers also by anti-infrared dyes and finishing auxiliaries, the camo pattern with the anti-near-infrared detection of visual function.

The role of camo cap is used to disrupt the shape of the head, more easy to conceal, to prevent the other’s use of reconnaissance personnel were roughly the width of the head of the optical ranging. The pattern of camo hat will be different because of the angle and size of the width of random shape, so that means according to the human body works ranging complete failure. In addition, even the naked eye detection, they may effectively undermine the person’s head of external visual contours, to cover for their own purposes. Impatient in the tropical dry areas, you can also play a blocking role of light to prevent water evaporation.

Latest military camo hat brim, from the level of improvement for the curved shape, head shape more in line with the human body and contribute to block the sun. Abolition of the waist coat pocket, the main considerations with portable equipment with a vest and matching operations. In the camo pattern design, digital woodland camo enhanced by close camo effect under visible light, infrared dyes and by anti-finishing auxiliaries, so that near-infrared camo pattern with anti-detection of visual function. In structure, the plate moderate liberal, has solved the problem of movement and comfort.

For you who love the outdoors, choose a handsome camo hat makes you cool. Also can sunscreen.

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