Super-Clear Display LG Launch of The New Smart Phone Optimus Black


Super-Clear Display, Innovation Appearance, LG launch of the new Smart Phone Optimus Black. New LG mobile phone Optimus Black has the world’s slimmest body, equipped with breakthrough NOVA display.

January 3, 2011, SEOUL – LG Electronics (LG) announced January 6, 2011 in Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on display at the new Android smart phone – LG Optimus Black. This smartphone has the world’s thinnest 9.2 mm body, and is equipped NOVA super bright 4-inch display, it will use the new consumers a unique experience.
LG NOVA is the market’s first 700 nits brightness of the display. In all current mobile phone screen, it is most bright, clear and easy to read. When a user browsing through the NOVA screen, check email, or any document processing, like arriving in a bright room, reading a book. Because NOVA display has higher brightness levels and white colors, black and white colors can be displayed accurately optimize the reading experience. This breakthrough application LG Optimus Black NOVA in the display, so the phone screen in terms of indoor lighting, or outdoors under bright light, can present a clear display.

NOVA addition to providing higher display brightness, and compared with normal LCD screens in the same indoor environment, NOVA can display 50% reduction in energy consumption. Because white is the color most commonly used Web browser program, when the phone displays all white screen, AMOLED screen, power consumption is also LG NOVA screen twice. LG Optimus Black with a 1500 mAh battery, the user even if the screen set to maximum brightness, but also to meet the daily needs.

LG Optimus Black 9.2 mm slim design allows users never have to worry about out of date. 109 grams of body weight, combined with innovative designs to further enhance the grip holding the phone, but also the overall appearance is more impressive. LG Optimus Black’s also unique is that, hidden in the back of the phone receiver is invisible edge, making the mobile phone front screen looks perfect.

“We are very pleased that we are concerned about this new Android smart phone design. Hope LG Optimus Black in the mobile phone market, better performance” LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company president and CEO Jong-soek Park Dr., said, “LG Optimus Black Display the LG display and design at the cutting-edge technology and core strength. It is a collection of the most outstanding display technology and the most slim body design. ”

In addition, LG Optimus Black also provides a unique set of cleverly designed, user faster access to critical applications and content. Optimus 2.0 interface allows users to use one that, in the case of locking the screen, access to text messaging, e-mail and missed calls. It also allows graphical user interface more intuitive command, the user can lift, shaking and tapping, etc. answer the call, enter the camera mode, and play music. LG Optimus Black or the world’s first Wi-Fi Direct technology, mobile phone, so that data transfer between mobile devices more efficient.

LG Optimus Black smart phone equipped with Android 2.2 operating system, can be upgraded to a higher version of Android 2.3 system. In addition, it is the world’s first 200 pre-megapixel camera phones. Upgrade to Android 2.3 system, users will enjoy higher quality video calling results.

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