Get the unusual key chain!


Key chains are well known for all of us, its first function is used to hang the keys, do this can effectively prevent the keys lost. Decades later, key chain gradually evolved into adornments, become one of ways to express self-expression and show personality, and even became a symbol of identity and status. Get the unusual key chain, make you have different moods!

This is Mini Tripod White LED Flashlight cree led torch Keychain, the innovative tripod design offers you hands-free convenience, and single LED technology provides you a strong spot. Most important is tripod can enable you to stay the light in the position that you would like to. It is able to stand as a candle and used as a Lantern during Camping nite or desk Lantern at home.

This is Battery Free Rotate Handle LED Keychain, it’s also self-powered cree LED flashlight, stash one in your kitchen drawer for when the power goes out. It features an on/off button for when you need a constant light. and no batteries needed! Environmentally friendly! This keychian is more and more popular between young people.


This is accurate Breathalyzer tester keychain, it has a special functions, that is Alcohol test function. This key chain alcohol tester can accurately analyse blood alcohol concentration(BAC) levels and tested by user’s exhalation.

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