Make amazing records with Dual Shock Controller


This dual shock controller provides you great controls in your game play. There is simple game pad used in this controller with the help of which you can be able to play games very easily. This controller has a very good battery time and its button layout is also very good. The good thing about this controller is that it can tell you when to shot. This controller is more comfortable as compared to other controllers. This double shock is plug and play. There are twelve fire buttons in this controller. This controller is compatible with USB 2.0. You can be able to feel every impact with the help of pressure sensors used in this controller.

dual shock controller

There is highly sensitive motion technology used in DualSock PC controller due to which it can sense every move. Bluetooth technology is also used in this controller with the help of with which game can be played wirelessly. There is USB cable provided with this game controller which can be used to charge this controller at any time. You can have most intuitive game play experience with this controller. The hit, explosion and crash seem to be more realistic in this controller. The player can fell rumble in palm of their hands. Natural movement can also be detected in real time with high precision. You can have an interactive play with this controller. You can have much better feel on your hands with this controller.
The Ducal Shock controller can provide you great fun in your game play. It can be connected to the computer with the help of USB cable. Play & charge technology is used in this controller. There is recharge battery pack available as well in this controller in order to connect it through USB. There are plenty of great features included in this controller. This controller is compatible with different versions of Windows like Windows 98, Windows ME, XP, 2000 and Windows Vista. It can provide support for DirectX 7.0 and above. The dimensions of this controller are 155 x 90 64 mm while the dimensions of package are 226 x 190 x 68 mm. The net weight of this controller is 170g while the package weight is 230g.
This Dual Shock controller is a great product with great price. There is no need of software to run this controller. It can be good for you if you want controller for something. This controller has flexible keys and it can be good choice for the game players. You wont have any problem with this controller regarding your game play. This controller has become an essential part of our gaming experience. The extra features used in this controller provide you full enjoyment. You can have great rumble experience which has become standard in the PC controller. This controller is normally available in the black color. One driver software and one USB double shock controller with gamepad for your computer is provided with the package of this controller.

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