Dmx512 line light and ordinary line light difference

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The DMX512 protocol was first developed by USITT to control the dimmer from a console using a standard digital interface. The DMX512 goes beyond analog systems but does not completely replace analog systems. The simplicity, reliability, and flexibility of the DMX512 quickly make it the protocol of choice when funding allows, in addition to dimmers, a growing array of control devices is evidence. DMX512 is still a new field of science, with all kinds of wonderful techniques based on rules.

The difference between the DMX512 line lamp and the ordinary external control is mainly the difference of the signal transmission scheme. The signal scheme of the Mingge illumination DMX512 line lamp is parallel scheme, and all the signal transmissions of the lamps are connected in parallel to one signal line. The purpose of this is for this road. Some or part of the signal transmission luminaires can still be used normally after being broken. The signals of ordinary external control line lights are connected in series. If one of the lamps in this signal is broken, when the signal is transmitted to the bad lamp, the signal is interrupted in this lamp, and the signal cannot be transmitted to the rear lamp. A bad luminaire affects the signal transmission of a whole luminaire. Ordinary external control and DMX512 line lights have advantages and disadvantages. The selection depends on the actual situation. The advantage is that the DMX512 line lamp scheme is stable, and after-sales service can basically be avoided after installation; the disadvantage is that the cost is high.

DMX512 line lamp is generally used and night scene lighting project. For the local landmark building lighting and some projects with high requirements for installation, the DMX512 line lamp should be used as much as possible. The stability of the product is more stable than ordinary external control. it is good.

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