Tips of Choosing DDR Dance Mat


Dance Mat is a special kind of input device for video games, meant to be danced upon. It is essentially a video game controller, but instead of being operated by the hands, is operated by the feet while lying on the ground and jumped. The dance mat is used in a number of dance games, of which the best known is the popular DDR dance mat. Read on and learn exactly how to choose the best DDR dance mat.

Dance Mat

1. Choose a type of DDR dance mat. The plastic dance mats are cheap, but wear out quickly, can be hard on your feet, and slide around a lot during play – making more advanced difficulties impossible to play. Thick foam mats are more expensive, last longer, are the most comfortable, and remain relatively fixed in place on all but the mose intense songs. Metal mats are the most expensive, last the longest, work best with shoes, and don’t move an inch during play.

2. Get the DDR dance mat the was designed for your system. If you have more then one system, either get a DDR dance mat designed to work with multiple systems or pick up an adapter for the system of your choice.

3. Consider getting a warranty plan. If you buy from a local store and they offer a warranty plan, consider paying a bit more and getting the plan. When the meat wears out, the warranty will let you return the mat-giving you nearly half price per mat.

4. Shop around for the best price. Prices for DDR dance mats can very widely – try Google’s Product Search to find the best prices, and use eBay to search for the best deals.

5. Consider buying more than one DDR dance mat at a time. If you play DDR often, your dance mat is likely to wear out when you’re in the middle of play. Buy more than one and more than two if two people play frequently, as this will ensure you can continue play even when things get bad.

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