How to Settle Wii Motionplus Problems


Gaming fans and players are currently experience two years of amazing success from Nintendo and its best Wii Motionplus. Thanks to this, we can get so much fun from games. Those who have played some intense rounds in Wii Sports Resort’s Sword Dueling game can tell you that while the Wii Motion Plus my initially work great, a few powerful sword swings can upset the calibration. When this happens, your Wii will still mimic your movements, but from a different starting position as yourself. You maybe holding the sword directly in front of you, but your Mii can be holding it to the far left.

Wii Motionplus

Fortunately, Nintendo remedies this problem with the sensor bar. Whenever the Wii remote picks up the infrared light coming from the sensor bar, it recalibrate itself. This results in the Will Remote constantly correcting itself throughout your game. You can also correct it yourself. In most game modes, you can hit down on the d-pad to force your Wii to re-center what he or she is holding. As long as you’re holding the Remote directly in front you as you do it, your actions should sync up and it will be working fine again.

Sensor Bar Problems

The Sensor Bar and Wii Remote operate using infrared lights. Unfortunately, other things give off infrared light as well – including the sun. This can cause interference while playing. If you are having trouble, the best solution is to limit the amount of light shining towards the television, from both the sun and inside sources. If this isn’t as easy as turning off a switch or closing some blinds, and you are constantly having problems, you may want to think about rearranging your setup completely.

Does the Wii Motionplus really work?

In the end, is the Wii Motionplus all it’s said to be? The consensus seems to be overwhelmingly positive, with some comparing the upgrade to the difference between VHS and Blu-ray. And yes, not DVD, but Blu-Ray! That’s quite an improvement. For a more detailed review, you can check out free shipping Wiimote Motion Plus with Wii Remote Controller,
1 x Silicone Case for Remote, 1 x Wrist Strap included.

The Wii MotionPlus connector feels loose

When touching the connector on the Wii Motion Plus, you may notice it feels a bit loose. This is the way it was designed and there is no need for repair.

Battery life has decreased with use of the Wii Motionplus accessory

Depending on the type of use, the battery life for Wii Remotes used with Wii Motionplus can typically be expected to last about 25 hours. Normal battery life without the Wii Motionplus accessory is around 35 hours.

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