The Verve Beauty of Boxwood Carving

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If you love and also know how to appreciate the crafts, you may know what’s the beauty of the charm which the boxwood carvings presented to us? Yes, smooth surface, bright colors, fine texture, aesthetic demeanor …. By definition, boxwood carving is named as it is carved wood is boxwood. The boxwood is a dwarf evergreen shrub, slow growing. As the saying goes: “Millennium difficult long boxwood, according to the” Compendium of Materia Medica “record:” boxwood slow growth,one year old is only one inch. The wood is generally the growth of four or five decades can be used for carving, and the majority of diameter is only 3-5 inches, so it is suitable for carving small figures for the desk to appreciate, which also highlights the precious boxwood carvings.

About the birth of boxwood carvings, there is such a legend. It is rumored that boxwood carving was invented by a man named Ye Chengrong in late Qing.  Ye Chengrong is a person who from Yueqing, Zhejiang, one day, he played in a temple in the village, suddenly see an old are carving statues in the temple. He suddenly attracted by the skills of the old man, simply ran outside the temple, and hired a very sticky mud, sitting in the front of the temple door, and secretly learn sculpture. In fact, this old man is a very famous local folk artist, see him smart and studious, so received as a disciple, then teach his five round plastic, clay, on color, laced with gold and other relief skills. He made ​​rapid progress, after one year, he possess these skills. Another day, Ye Chengrong  went to Po Toi Shan to watch the Buddha ,a Taoist take a boxwood to him, and required carving a wishful Bob by this boxwood. In the process of carving, Ye cheng Rong  found that boxwood is wood tough, delicate texture, color gloss than other timber, it is a good material for carving. Since then, he began to use boxwood sculptures. In this way, inadvertently, boxwood carving was born in the folk art garden.

With the rapid social progress and economic development, some of the traditional process is gradually disappeared from sight, but as the art treasures, especially the boxwood carving, people have not forgotten it,instead, more and more people love the boxwood carving. Many customers also feedback us that the boxwood carving became the hot item in their local market.

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