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Have you ever met such a situation: after a family reunion dinner, when you try to take a photo with a whole family, there is no one else will control the camera, what will you do? Give up such a valuable opportunity to take a photo with the whole family?

Most people may decide to set the camera to take photos automatically. But this will always cause such an embarrassing situation: Not all of the members are really standby when the photos has been taken automatically. Is there any machine can help us control the camera?

Now, if you have a Nikon camera, you need not worry about such an embarrassing situation any more. This wireless remote control shutter release is designed for Nikon. It can work compatibly with D90, D5000, D80, D70, D70s, D50, D40, D40X, Nikon Coolpix 8400, 8800. Pronea S, Nuvis S, Lite Touch 110s, and 130 ED cameras and Lite Touch Zoom Cameras.


This wireless remote control shutter release can help you to trigger the shutter remotely to prevent camera movement when using slower shutter speeds. So even though the subjects are difficult to approach or you want to minimize vibrations, this shutter release can be ideal to you. The working distance of this shutter release can be as far as 10m, that is 30 feet.

This wireless remote control shutter release can also offer immediate shutter release and two second delay mode. No matter you want to catch a certain moment or delay the action, it can fulfill your needs.

Just as displayed in the picture, it is in mini shape. The dimensions of this shutter release are as small as 60x28x6mm, weighs only 10g. And the power supply for this product is a 1 x CR2025 coin battery which is already included in this product.

If you do like taking photos, why not have one?


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