3D Printing Interesting Small Objects in Life

3D Printers

Human beings are innately fond of tinkering with creativity, using technology to realize their own small ideas, and from time to time there will be unexpected gains. Creativity can always bring unlimited surprises to life.

Now, with 3D printers, life has already entered the era of rapid creativity. With the help of technology, the brilliance of creativity makes ordinary life better.

Today I will share with you the ordinary but indispensable 3D printed small objects in life. Pursuing a more detailed life concept in a limited environment, 3D printing mini creative small homes, maintain your style of life, and add a little happiness to your life! The following are some creative small items, please watch and enjoy!

A Luminous Night Light
You can design different 3D printed covers for it, and different covers are matched with various halo plates to set the lighting effect, which is both practical and very artistic.

For those who have many books, all kinds of books are complicated and don’t know where to put them, don’t worry anymore, this 3D printed bookshelf can help you solve this trouble very well.

Storage Box
I don’t know if everyone feels like that, the desk is always messy, and the things you want to take are always missing, and it’s very collapsed. This desk storage box can help you store some of your small office objects, such as Mouse, pen, and paperclip, etc., make your desk neat and clean, showing exceptional elegance

Business Card Holder
For men in the workplace, the business card holder is not only convenient for placing business cards, but also a trend and a status symbol. This 3D printed business card holder has a stylish and simple design. After installing a business card, it becomes Excellent furnishings on the desk.

Mobile Phone Holder and Watch Holder
The creative inspiration comes from life. Many times it is not convenient for people to hold the mobile phone with their hands, so they need to use something to support the mobile phone. This mobile phone holder can play a very good support role, avoiding the body The most important damage is that this support is very cute and creative, and it can be a unique landscape for your work.

Charging Line Organizer
Just flip your own desktop, you may crash. There are several wires for charging mobile phones, desk lamps, and small electric fans. At this point, you can easily use a 3D printer to make a charging cable organizer and install it on the corner of the table. Each cable occupies a card slot to help you easily organize a refreshing desktop.

Garlic Press
Need to buy some kitchen utensils? This garlic press reduces the workload for our cooking.

Piggy Bank
Cute animal shapes are given to children and teach them to cultivate a good sense of saving money from an early age.

Shopping Bag Hand Grip
To live is to be exquisite. With these colorful small parts, you no longer have to worry about your hands hurting with plastic bags.

One-handed Corkscrew
With this small object, it becomes very easy to open the beer bottle and wait for the bottle cap.

The animals and Christmas tree in this crystal ball are also 3D printed. You can see that the trees in the picture are still brushed, which creates a feeling of snow. This is the effect of deliberately not setting up support.

These creative little objects come from Tronxy X5SA-400 3D Printer.

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