Romantic Beach Wedding


If it were me, I want my wedding at the beach or held in a large garden. I believe that the beautiful and sexy of you will have the same way with me. Because the beach weddings are not only romantic, but it’s also close to nature. The natural beauty of the
surroundings will add more color to your wedding.If you planned your wedding at the beach, you have to carefully prepare each detail to make them all perfect for the wedding.

THEME – You can have a romantic beach theme wedding,of course, you can also choose the formal, modest, reserved, casual, trendy, dramatic, Victorian, contemporary, etc. But your beach theme wedding cake should not melt in the sun quickly, so don’t have any ice cream cakes for your beach wedding cake. Your beach theme wedding favor should also speak of nature.

LOCATION – Pick carefully the beach you are planning to use for your ceremony and reception site. If you are planning a destination wedding, a wedding planner will typically handle many of the details of research because distance is a factor.Parking and accessibility for guests are also factors to contemplate.Some beaches require a permit. It’s important to consider how busy the beach is with children, families, and other couples. Some brides and grooms may want to choose a private beach for a more intimate ceremony.

TIME – Pick the right time of day, shortly before the sun sets is a prime time for a wedding ceremony. This is a time when sun lovers visiting public beaches will have cleared considerably, temperatures are the most pleasant, When the ceremony is almost over you have the beautiful sunset as a backdrop. Just imagine how beautiful your wedding photos will be. Another good time of day to get married is early in morning. There is something about the early hours on the beach when nature around you is waking up that makes it really special.

DECORATIONS – The natural beauty of a beach setting is one of the most appealing elements of a beach wedding. Decorations can be kept at a minimum because of the surroundings that will already be in place. You can scatter flowers and palm leaves in the sand for an aisle but remember to hold them down with something to keep them in place. Folded chairs are a quick solution to seating and can be taken down very quickly after the ceremony.

ATTIRE – It is not necessary to wear a tuxedo or a formal wedding dress. however. If the couple is set on these formal elements for their wedding, it’s perfectly acceptable. Having a less formal wedding is so much more cost effective yet can be so romantic and special. Your guests will love the fact that they can enjoy this special day with you while feeling comfortable and relaxed at the beach as well.

With careful planning and preparation you also can have the best beach wedding of a lifetime; that will bring you countless memories to treasure for years to come.

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