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  1. Thanks I should\’ve cited my scroue but instead I\’ll bask in the glow a while longer!I vaguely recall that the iPhone 3GS date was a saturday as well. Not sure of the thinking overall but presumably it worked well enough then that Apple chose to do it again for the iPad (though I was hoping for April 1 imagine the humor!)If I had to guess I\’d agree people generally don\’t work on Saturdays so the stores are that much more likely to be packed. And offering in-store reservations is a fun way to add to that, provide a communal experience, but guarantee people that they will actually have one waiting for them.Re: early deliveries, again iirc Apple is pretty careful about working with its shippers to ensure no early (or late) deliveries. Amazon does this too with popular new books that are in super heavy pre-order demand (the Twilight, Harry Potters of the world).

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