250GB Internal Super Slim Hard Drive HDD Xbox 360 Black


250GB Internal Super Slim Hard Drive HDD Xbox 360 Black

Microsoft Xbox 360 high-profile ultra-thin super-capacity version of console, to a large sell hot, and also for the Xbox 360’s super-space, large weight and worry about it? A slim Xbox 360 250G hard drive, heat market. In this year’s E3, Microsoft released a version of Microsoft’s game console Xbox 360 250G thin, this version of the Xbox 360 as the previous mass luxury super playable game, and ultra-high performance and large storage space by the public attention. New prices are high? No problem, you can bargain and sale of a business.(Xbox 360 Hard Drive)

Xbox 360 250G version of ultra-thin super-avant-garde fashion, Xbox 360 games in appearance is still the industry leader, the appearance looks crystal clear, it seems like the crystal case, beautiful black body paint of high reflective, irregular rectangular hexahedral design, the screen and body, a turbine fan decorative, panel shaped like a sports car. Bright and beautiful, slim Xbox 360 250G version, by definition, using the lightweight and ultra-thin models, greatly reducing the area of space, but also greatly reduces the heaviness.(Xbox 360 250gb Hard Drive)

Slim Xbox 360 250G version of the powerful support of all the games 16:9,720 p, 1080i, and full-screen anti-aliasing completely. 48KHz 16-bit audio support, with 320 independent decompression channels 32-bit audio processor, over 256 audio channels. Built-in WiFi 802.11N, support two wireless rechargeable handle, 5 USB2.0 ports, two memory card slots, and a 10/100 Ethernet interface, HDMI: AV Cable + HDMI + optical output.(Xbox 360 250gb HDD)

Edit Comment: Slim Xbox 360 250G version, appearance has been greatly improved, Pingjiapogao, mass storage sought after by enthusiasts of the race, online play feature that allows you to exchange in the entertainment, among the crowd pass happy.

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