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The most common one is the remote control model car (Radio control for short R/C), which means remote control, that is, the remote control model, not just a toy. The remote control model car is a hobby sport. The RC car is a reduced version of various real cars. It has the same power system (engine, gear) and suspension system as a car, it has high-performance tires that can withstand the centrifugal force of 4G equivalent to F1, and have an amazing speed! For example, a 1/8-scale remote-controlled car on a flat road can accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in 1.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 160 km/h. This performance is already on par with the world’s most technologically advanced Formula One racing car. The reason why remote control models are considered “Hobby” rather than “toys” is that remote control models require players to have certain knowledge and skills, which are fundamentally different from toys that can be played after they are bought. Players can not only have fun in the control model, but also constantly learn new knowledge in the model, exercise their thinking and practical skills, so the remote control model is definitely a beneficial hobby, although driving an RC car cannot control the steering wheel while sitting in the car, the car can only be controlled by wireless remote control, but in fact, this kind of thrill from the eyes is not inferior to sitting in a real car, because you can enjoy the thrill of lightning speed and powerful cornering ability. An RC car with high-speed driving function, high symbolism, or various interesting functions, can bring you a different control experience! For example, watching Wltoys 12428 1/12 2.4G 4WD 50km/h High Speed RC Car conquer rugged roads is also a fun remote control experience.

An  RC car is a model car that can be remotely controlled by a radio remote control. According to the type of vehicle, it can be divided into: flat sports car, drift car, F1, motorcycle, container truck, climbing car, rally car, off-road vehicle; according to the source of power, it can be divided into: oil-powered car, electric car; among them, oil-powered car is divided for: methanol power and gasoline power. According to the model ratio, it is divided into: 1/5, 1/8, 1/10, 1/18, 1/24, 1/28, and other mainstream ratios.

RC car can be said to be a high-tech product. Many advanced materials and technologies are widely used, such as carbon fiber, titanium alloy, and aviation aluminum, they are all common parts and materials in RC cars. Moreover, the latest electronic technology and digital technology are also applied to the RC car for the first time.

Electric RC Car
Electric RC cars use batteries as power, output electric energy to the electric motor, and the electric motor drives the car. The electric RC car is the first choice for many beginners because it can be charged as long as there is an “electric place”, a fully charged battery can drive the car, and the inertia of the electric car is small, and the control skills are in the “entry-level car”, it’s easy to master, but don’t think: the electric RC car is a “low-level” remote control car, and the tram speed is very fast: the competition-level tram can easily reach more than 80KM. Beginners may think that the speed of a petrol-powered RC car is definitely faster than that of a tram. They always think that a petrol car is the real RC car. In fact, this is the wrong concept. The linear output of trams is good, and the weight is lighter than that of petrol cars. Therefore, trams are flexible and the speed of corners is often higher than that of petrol cars. If the competition venue is multi-bay roads and short straights, the tram’s lap results are often faster than the Oil RC car. The accuracy and sensitivity of the competition-level trams are amazing. Most of the frames are made of carbon fiber, and most of the metal parts are titanium alloy and the highest-level aluminum alloy. There are more than 12 adjustable parts in the whole car, which can adapt to different venues!

Oil-powered RC Car
Oil-powered RC cars use fuel exclusively for RC cars (not gasoline, of course, there are also models that use gasoline as a power in the model cars, with a ratio of 1:5). The vast majority of oil-powered RC cars use two-stroke air-cooled engines, which have the advantages of fast acceleration and simple maintenance. The speed of the oil-powered RC car is amazing. On the straight road: Take the 1:10 oil room as an example, it is easy to reach 60KM, and it is not difficult to reach 100KM, and the acceleration is very fast, from static to 60KM, about 2 seconds can be completed. In recent years, oil-powered RC cars are very popular. The reason is that you can play for a long time each time. As long as you continue to replenish fuel, you can walk continuously (the tram will run out of electricity in more than ten minutes, and the competition-level tram will only take 6 minutes. ), and the acceleration of the oil-powered RC car is very fast, the engine noise makes people feel excited, the oil-powered RC car requires less equipment to maintain, and there have been more competitions for the oil-powered RC car in recent years. Oil-powered RC cars are becoming more and more popular, even for beginners, it is a good choice to buy a gas-powered RC car!

Oil-powered RC cars use model-specific fuel, which contains methanol, castor oil, and nitrocellulose. It is a fuel specially designed for RC cars! How long can 1L of fuel last? This can be determined according to the displacement of the engine, the volume of the fuel tank, and the frequency of using the car. If you play the car every day, 1L can probably be used for a week.

Drift RC Car
Drift RC cars are mainly electric, and trams have more delicate control and can make perfect drifts. General flat running RC cars can also drift after simple modification. Of course, if you think this is not enough, you can also buy a professional drift frame.

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