2011 Hot Watch Cell Phone VE77 with FM Compass Touch Screen Functions


Today’s mobile users who likes to see a lot of advance features in their Cell Phone, with the latest and advance features like Touch Screen, FM, Support playing MP3, MP4, built in Compass, dual card standby. A new fashion phone called the watch cell phone sold in the market. It will certainly attract our eyes at first sight. VE77 is the one of the hottest phone of 2011. It is the perfect combination of watches and mobile phones. I really appreciate the wonderful creation unique.

watch cell phone

A closer look will reveal it’s a lot better than many cell phones in the entry level category. It is actually a miniature mobile phone in a watch shape. Buttons and USB ports are designed distribution of novel and unique, can not be easily observed. Although there are still a lot of people want to carry the large size of the phone, you can enjoy the relaxation and creativity to bring you watch cell phone. When you’re at a party wearing a watch phone, its stylish design and elegant must be distinguished from the other guests you.

The watch cell phone VE77 has put everything which you can find in the current smartphone. It has all the normal functions of a mobile phone. Quad-band technology, it can be connected anywhere in the world you travel. Whether for personal use or business, it is a very good option. Between you and your friends the communication, you can easily use the watch. In addition, the multimedia playback feature lets you enjoy music, movies you like.

Wear you wrist watch cell phone, you get access to their traditional watch, to tell you the time and advanced mobile phones, can be used to make calls, and at the same time to enjoy music and movies. In addition, as the phone hit the watch worn on the wrist, you can carry, without having to hold bands, or on a bag of is mobile phone, which adds more convenience to your everyday use, allowing you by reducing opportunities be more security is lost.

In my opinion, the prospects for mobile phone watches will certainly be a great, due to its functional and stylish design. This is a very useful thing, if you have to travel very light, or if you are going somewhere, technically speaking, the phone is not allowed. Ah, no one knows you have your mobile phone watch.

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