The Electronics in HongKong is Never Cheaper in Shenzhen


【Shenzhen Economic Daily News (press LIU Shuang) “Nikon D90 kit price in Hong Kong HK 7999, Sam’s Club stores in Shenzhen, China wholesale price is 7299 yuan, down conversion, the price is almost the same. If the travel expenses, meals and other operators in, really as good as in Shenzhen to buy it! “

Miss Ho shopper who went straight a few times recently in Hong Kong, had wanted to take advantage of end of the year, as home to relatives and “take along” point of electronic products as gifts, but more down repeatedly in and found that Hong Kong’s electronic products are not “imagine the cheap” .

In the minds of many people in Hong Kong is an absolute bar to a “shopping paradise”, in particular, many consumers believe that the purchase of electronic products to Hong Kong is a pleasure: not only cheap, but also more trendy styles. But recently many people in Shenzhen found that differentiated the two markets have been gradually reduced, a “shopping paradise”, Hong Kong no longer seems to be our only choice.

Miss He had many such experiences. She told reporters that some time ago, she asked her relatives in Shanghai to buy Canon S95 camera, which camera stores in Shenzhen, the price is 2980 yuan, the thought that the price of Hong Kong, where do not provide china free shipping “is definitely cheaper,” but only to find in Hong Kong “is not the case . ” Gathering in electronic products, Mong Kok, Miss Ho found the prices here actually sold HK 3480, but also can not counter-offer. “Even if the exchange rate multiplied by eight discount for each purchase, the price is almost too pretty and Shenzhen, Hong Kong has not yet counted up the traffic to meals too!” About the shopping experience, Miss Ho address him “too uneconomical.”

With this experience, Miss Ho began to “long eye,” and not blindly go to Hong Kong to buy things. Later, Miss Ho gradually HTC mobile phones in Shenzhen, and purchased the Panasonic H60 cameras, more down, the price is really cheaper than in Hong Kong. “Saves time and effort to buy, no longer have to be struggling come to Hong Kong to go!”

“Of course, not all digital products in Hong Kong are not worthwhile, some brands and products to Hong Kong is still worth buying.” Miss Ho to long-term “Shenzhen-Hong Kong shopping” experience concluded that, in Hong Kong, some high-end mobile phones, computers as two different purchase channels, the price is often cheaper than the mainland. Now greatly sought-for example, “apple”, the latest MAC AIR ultra-thin notebook computers, the highest price of the configured version of more than 9,800 Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong, and Shenzhen in the delay of a few months after the listing, the price even further up to more than 12,000 yuan , a difference of several thousand dollars; another iPhone phone, iPad, and other products, the price gap is not small.

Industry, Choi Lai Choi told reporters that Miss Chan Photography boss, the price of electronic products in Shenzhen than in Hong Kong is indeed low down, as in his shop, Nikon D90 kit price of 6,850 yuan, 2,580 yuan price of the Canon S95, the price certainly cheaper than in Hong Kong . The reason, he said that China as an emerging market, the market consumption increased year after year, more and more attention by the manufacturers. International electronic brands such as Sony, Nikon and so important to China as its target market, starting many new products are located in China. The vendors are happy to reduce prices to expand the mainland market.

He therefore suggested that when consumers buy China electronics, the first clear understanding of the Mainland price, be aware of after, and then compare the prices of Hong Kong to see whether it is worth buying to take home. If the difference between the two places is very small, it is recommended to be purchased locally, but also save trouble in future maintenance effort.

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