Some notes of using the digital scale

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Nowadays the electronic market is booming, a variety of electronic products have surfaced, and more and more electronic items circulate in our lives, for example temperature sensor, it is the principle to work with ntc, but it is powerful amazing. But this is said to focus on some notes during using the digital scale.

First, The inspection requirements of electronic scales.

For using and environmental effects of aging, the accuracy of electronic scales and devices may be change. So need periodic verification according to state regulations Some notes of using the digital scale
of measurement technology. You can not use the digital scales which without test or exceed the effective date.

Second, To avoid collision during using electronic scales.

Despite the structural design of sensors and electronic scales have taken measures to limit the collision, but too much of the collision, sensors will work in the limit measures before the damage to electrical parameters change, will affect the electronic scale accurate measurement degree.

Third, according to the weight of weighing item to select the appropriate range of electronic scales.

Maximum weighing 3 kg, Division 1 gram electronic scale, its accuracy is 1 / 3000. If using it to weigh two kilograms of goods, its measurement accuracy is 1 / 2000, if using it to weigh 100 grams, its measurement accuracy is only 1 / 100.

Fourth, humidity and acid, alkali vapor or liquid will impact electronic scales.

National standards required for the Ⅲ grade scale ≤ 90% humidity in the environment, must be ensure avoid to contact with acid, alkali vapor or fluid. For no special treatment of electronic scales,> 90% humidity and acid, alkali vapor or fluid in the circuit attached to the circuit parameters will be change, and even the destruction of the circuit. For the use of the environment, can be used with a waterproof product.

Fifth,Vibration and wind will effect on the accuracy of weighing.

For the largest weighing 15 kg, 5 g of dividing the value of electronic scales, vibration and wind effects on the accuracy of weighing is less. While the largest weighing 200 grams, 0.1 grams of indexing electronic scales, vibration and wind will display digital beat.

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