Six Steps For Office Makeup


While applying makeup for office, make sure that you should look natural. Appling office makeup is something tricky and needs proper skill. This does not mean that you should look dull and boring. You should look great, attractive. At the same time, you should also look confident and make out maximum of your positive personality. While applying makeup for office, you should not forget that you are not getting ready for an evening party. What looks good in the bathroom mirror may look sick in fluorescent lights of office. Here are some makeup tips for office’s lady:

Makeup tips

1. Start with a clean slate. Scrub, then moisturize your mug. These are places where you want to be “picky.” You also want to choose a moisturizer that will adhere to the full-face of foundation you’re about to apply. Apparently, the au natural look requires covering every inch of your face in liquid makeup.
2. Apply foundation. With a sponge, apply a foundation that matches your skin tone (unless you’re trying to look like you’re from Jersey Shore, then go several shades darker, er, orange). Pay special attention to the eyes and laugh lines. Wrinkles love to attach themselves to foundation and make you look older than you are – hence, “au natural.”

Makeup tips

3. Eye makeup. Only use enough eyeliner to make your eyes “pop.” Follow the lines of your eyes, staying within them and not wavering. Smokey eyes, we’ve already established, have no place at the office. Also, stick to conservative colors for both your eyeliner and eye shadow. Neutral tones are your friends.
4. Mascara. When applied with a fan brush so as to prevent clumping, mascara is a great way to add that little something to your eyes. Again, stick to subtle colors – a dark brown or soft black are perfect. No sense in looking like a tramp while you’re in that board meeting – that’s for after work hours.

Makeup tips

5. Blush. Appearing pale is not something you ever want. A bit of blush on your cheeks will give you a healthy glow. You don’t want your coworkers thinking you’re dead, or even worse, into the goth scene.
6. Tinted lip gloss. Again we’re shooting for a slight “pop” here. Unlike lipstick, a tinted gloss looks more realistic and is easy to apply throughout the day.
Preparation is always important. You can prepare your weekday looks on Sunday nights, so you don’t need to speed tome deciding what to wear or rummaging through the drawers and looking for a particular color right before work. This may can save you at least 5 minutes in the morning(more time in bed!).

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