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Have you already found that more and more people fall in love with smart watches? Do you know something about all the smart watches in the market? Apple Watch, LG Watch, etc. Have you ever heard about these. Maybe it is “Yes”. But many people do not have one in hand for their prices and the limitation of they can only be compatible with the same brand smartphones, such as, Apple Watch only for iPhones. If people do not have a iPhone, they can not use it. So are you want to find another smart watch to wear?


Here comes a top universal smart watch —— iradish i8 Bluetooth4.0 Smart Watch

It is a multifunctional device and it can work with iOS 7.0 above and Android 4.0 above smartphone and tablets (Bluetooth 3.0 Or Above). You will never worry about that it can not be used with your cellphones.

Once you connect the smart watch with your cellphone, it can start to work now. You can use the watch to answer call and listen to music without taking out the phone, which is really very convenient and you will never miss any calls. It also will help upload your phone book to it. Then you can dial calls through it directly and read messages on it. It can also control the music play in your phone, that’s to say, you do not need to take your phone out and everytime you need to adjust its volume or something. As many other smart watches, it can help you to monitor your steps or walking time, sleep status, and so on. What’s more, it has remote camera function, it will help you take more amazing pictures. And you can even download a APP to query QQ/Wechat instant messaging.

It is really an amazing device. And you will never feel down with it. Come and take one!


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